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Static Loading Systems

Cement Loading Systems

This system is used to load the cement in closed wagons. We can load single-wagon or two wagons simultaneously. This system controls the dust emission and the loading is completely very faster.

Fly Ash Loading Systems

This system weighs incoming trucks and load clinker into those trucks through dustless loading spouts and after the completion of weighment the data is transfer to PC.

Control Desk

Used for loading of Cement, fly ash (or) coal in Wagons, a control desk consist of centralized loading station for loading 8 number of wagons  at the same time.  Rice Lake uses 920i controller (or) any  PLC with latest Input, output, analog modules ( based customer suggestion ) It consist of central control desk , MCC panel, Local Control Station and weight indicators . 

Single computer is used with moxa card to communicate with all 8 number of 420 weight indicators, thereby enabling operator to control and use all 8 no of wagons,  loading material simultaneously


Clinker Loading Systems

This system is used to load clinker in a single wagon or two wagons simultaneously through a static wagon weighbridge. The loading is done through a Dustless loading spout . The time taken for loading one rack is 2 hr.30 minutes. After the completion of weighment the data is transferred to PC (both Gross weight and Net weight).

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