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Rice Lake India is always confident of meeting your requirements in toto and provides consistent and accurate weights for your Trucks, Dumpers, Trailers, Wagons etc

Ricelake India Limited

Rice Lake India is always confident of meeting your requirements in toto and provides consistent and accurate weights for your Trucks, Dumpers, Trailers, Wagons etc...

Rice Lake India is the First Indian Company to introduce Electronic In-motion Weighbridge way-back in 1982 and with continuous up-gradation of technology, technological solution provides Pitless Electronic In-motion Weighing for all type of wagons that are available in India. An RDSO approved vendor and proven track record instill confidence in customer to go for RLWS India’s “RAILWEIGH” In-motion system.

Rice Lake India, in collaboration with World Leaders PEBCO Inc, USA provides solution for Solid Material Handling Products, the state-of-art technology, technological design and with highly skilled engineering team provides application oriented solutions that suits Indian Environment.

Rice Lake India gives solution for proportional weigh based accurate mixing of raw material with various programmable recipes for Rubber Industry and Technical Rubber Goods in a fully automated, highly sophisticated systems and solutions.

We Offer product we are proposing would be a full electronic road weighbridge, designed at our North American facility, and produced at Rice Lake, India. The modular style scale has many advantages over conventional style scales, which are significantly more expensive, difficult to transport, and are more difficult to maintain than the modular designed scale products. The modular style scales produced by Rice Lake, India are extremely rugged, accurate and will provide you a very reliable Road weighing system.

Customer-centric approach

Rice Lake Weighing Systems, a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified corporation, has been manufacturing and distributing weight-based measurement products and supplies since 1946. Today, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is at the forefront of the evolution in weight based measurement and automated process control. Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a World Class leader in the engineering, design and production of quality heavy capacity road and rail weigh bridges for industry.

The Latest Design and Technology

Rice Lake Weighing Systems design is an outstanding modular weighbridge design that incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology to produce the highest quality weighing system in the marketplace. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been utilized in the design process, to insure the highest weigh-bridge integrity possible. Manufactures the “Strongest Scales on Earth”, as confirmed by our heavier weighbridges, wide flange I-Beam construction and higher span deflection ratios.

Steel Shot Blasting

Rice Lake truck scale products not only provide exceptional performance-each scale is provided with an industrial quality finish to provide lasting protection. All steel surfaces are shot blasted to SSPC-A-SP6 standards and cleaned with special solvents to insure maximum adhesion of coatings.

Special Industrial grade paint

Rice Lake truck scale’s steel surfaces are coated with a High Solids PPG Urethane Primer to a 1.0-1.8 mil dry film thickness using a commercially approved electrostatic spray process. A final coat of a High Solids Urethane top coat is applied to a dry film thickness of 1.5-2.5 mil thickness. This coating has been determined to be more elastic providing superior protection from UVR, chemicals and marring providing a long-lasting finish.

Factory assembled, performance tested

RLWS has earned an enviable reputation for building the strongest weigh-bridge design, the most dependable load cell sensors, and the most reliable digital instrumentation in the business. Each scale is factory assembled, and performance tested to specifications, prior to shipment.