Slide Gates

It provides excellent sealing capabilities in a economical’s especially useful in sealing of powders and fine materials sizes. It has pneumatic,hydraualic and manual actuators. High blade loading capability with minimal maintenance and extended operating life.

Clam Shell Gates

The single or duplex clamshell gate is an old standard for cutting off material flow when loading hoppers, bins and other containers.

Double-blade slide gates

Double bladed are best suited for the complete shut-off of material flow. The double –blade slide gate provides faster shutoff by actuating both blades, each blade travels only half of the distance.

Diverter Gates

There are variety of Diverter gates for Diverter the flow of material from one direction to another. These units are also available in a number of other configurations ,including Trimester and Quadverter combinations.

Rolling – Blade gates

These gates are meter or control material flow. They are best suited for partially open positions .The repeatability of flow at intermediate rates is said to be good. These units can be used as Diverter gates in the Diverter ,Trimester ,and Quadverter configurations.

Belt Feeder Gates

The belt feeder gate utilizes the rolling – blade gates to meter material flow onto a conveyor belt. It is used where the flow varies or in blending various materials on to a conveyor.

Coal valve Gates

The term coal valves comes from specific use in the utility industry. The unit is heavy –duty slide gate with self cleaning internals and an exceptionally long life. The design features lend themselves to coal fired utility plant applications.