Cascade Chute

The Cascade Chute is a unique patented design, consisting of oppositely inclined cones, supported by straps and surrounded by an independent wind shroud.

The cascade principle directs the material flow back and forth rather than allowing the material to fall directly through the chute. This flow pattern creates a mass flow profile and decreases product flow speeds.

The reduction in the product discharge velocity and the amount of induced air minimizes dusting at the discharge.

Salient Features

  • Gravity flow chute that reduces the free fall of material
  • Reduces degradation of the product
  • Reduces product segregation
  • Environmental laws are tough and dust levels must be kept in control – no dust collection required

Soda Ash Terminal in

Dust Free Loading of Soda
Ash @ 3000 TPH

Primary Applications

  • Open stockpiling
  • Barge loading
  • Ship loading