720 Literature

Intelligence Made Easy
The 720i is the first in a line of powerful and intelligent HMI devices from Rice Lake. This weight indicator breaks away from our pack of basic models with its ability to control more processes, more equipment, and more information than ever before.

Automate entire systems by dictating batch formulation, inventory management, or traceability. Capture and store weight data. Link more peripheral equipment. And do it all with incredible ease.

The attractive 720i design presents a complete operator keypad showcased in either universal or panel-mount enclosure styles. Programmable soft keys and operator prompts offer more control for busy industrial settings. Programming is easier than ever using either the standard configurable batch engine or 720i’s exclusive ProAction™ software.

Local remote capability allows multiple indicators to simultaneously display the same data. Truck scale operations, data collection, batching or networking—this multifaceted HMI can handle them all.

TThe 720i comes standard with two full duplex serial ports, eight digital I/O, 20 auxilliary print formats and a complete set of popular features. Plus we’ve included one option slot to use with a selection of networking and option cards. Take your 720i to the next level and create an indicator as unique as your process.

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