Rapid loading system is a complete turnkey solution for Dynamic loading of bulk materials such as coal with moving wagons and trucks.

The system is typically designed to draw coal through several automatically operated gates from silos into a preweigh bin which accurately weighs the coal and discharges the weighed batch into moving rail wagons/trucks;This system is completely automated and also even suitable for unmanned operations despite the high complexity. Thissystem has been installed in major coal fields in India and aboard.

The system is designed to load at flow rates of 5500TPH.

The whole system is hydraulically operated, with PLC controls to enable automatic loading .The swing chute is a patented design of Pebco USA Which has swing up to make clearance for healing low and swing down to locally positioned wagon .

It has the following advantages

  • Reduces amount of material in-transit time after gate shutoff
  • Deploys chute quickly
  • Improves even product distribution.
  • Provides collision protection of chute.