Rice Lake India is always confident of meeting your requirements in toto and provides consistent and accurate weights for your Trucks, Dumpers, Trailers, Wagons etc

RL India  manufactures Cascade Chute®  that ensures that material particles are kept in mass flow form and at low velocity throughout the extended length of the chute. 

This minimizes the liberation of dust particles and greatly reduces or eliminates particle degradation.

Cascade Chute for loading  Sulphur into barges successfully commissioned at Reliance Jamnagar Marine Tank Farm jetty.

Cascade Chute loading Capacity – 600 TPH, Extended length : 15 M  with trimmer spoon arrangement for effective coverage of material  in barge.




Our bulk loading spouts eliminate dust, eradicate material losses and increase safety when working with bulk solids. A fabric outer sleeve encompasses the retractable loading cones.  Fugitive dust created in the loading process is transported through the spout to a central dust collector.


  • control of dust pollution
  • increased safety & cleaner environment
  • unit assembly construction
  • easy maintenance & simple operation
  • long durability
  • three cable lifting system
  • complete range and flow rates


  • Open truck / Closed bulker loading application
  • Electric winch with limit switches for highest and lowest position
  • Terminal box for cable connection
  • Level switch – rotary / vibrating / capacitance type / Ultrasonic / Tilt Switch
  • Bottom closing cone to prevent any spillage of dust as the loading spout is being raised


  • Control panel
  • Pendant or remote control
  • Integral Dust Collector with Fan, Filter bags & timer unit
  • shut off valves (manual, electro, pneumatic)
  • Design for ATEX / non-standard temperature (-40 °C / +250 °C)

Rice Lake- Pebco have come up with Hood Design for clinker wagon loading . In this design Hood is provided for each Wagon which totally covers the Wagon during Loading Operation. Through Efficient High capacity dust collectors ( 2nos per wagon) this fugitive dust is removed.

As this wagon is totally covered all the Dust is effectively &totally sucked by the dust collector ensuring a obseloutely pollution free loading and totally Dust Free environment.

Key Benefits:

1.Healthy and Dust Free Environment.

2. Low power consumption.

3. Low Maintenance Cost.

4.Simple in Opertaion.



Associated Soapstone Distributing Company Ltd, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

16 M x 3 M Pitless type weigh bridge 100 T with 480 Legend Series Electronics installed at ASDC –Udaipur – Rajasthan

M/s. Orissa Cements Limited is our first & one of the most satisfied customer since 1982

Rice Lake Weighing Systems India Ltd, feels Pride & Proud in rendering continuous AMC Service Support to OCL, Odisha since 1982 till date. 

With Technological up gradation in weighing industry, Rice Lake India has provided solution to M/s. OCL, to ensure all their security aspects are monitored, by installing a   ’TRULY UNMANNEDWEIGHING SYSTEMS WITH CCTV, BOOM BARRIER, POSITIONING SENSORS, Etc in March 2016 for their continuous operations.

RLWSIL recently commissioned a 60T weighbridge for the Pondicherry co-op. milk Union in the State of Puducherry.

The weighbridge was inaugurated by The Registrar of Co-Op. Societies of Pondicherry State.

This was a turnkey job involving civil work, supply, installation and commissioning.

The work was completed in record time and we have added one more satisfied customer.


Executed a prestigious BATCHING systemproject in Indonesia, for a rubber Industry.

This is a supervisory control and monitoring software for the automatic weighing, batching and mixing of Carbon, Chemical, Oil and Polymer.

The System consists of individuals weighers for all the above four materials with associate feeders, valves and other mechanical / electrical accessories for the operation of the system.

The individual subsystems are controlled by distributed digital / analog I/O modules through centralized multiple process controllers connected in a network.

Parallel processing, of all raw material with necessary interlocks to avoid mixing of recipes, optional manual mode for Bar code scanners, Batch reports generation.

All entry points into Gujarat,screens the Trucks and Trailers for Over load that affects the road safety and infrastructure. We had supplied 47 weigh bridges to various Integrated check posts in 11 location.

In A Single Site, more than 160 rakes containing over 9300 wagons are successfully loaded beyond 5,60,000 MT through state of art RICE LAKE’sRapid Loading Systems with Licensed upgraded technology from Pebco,USA. The system was commissioned in May 2014 and continuously used in 24X7 operation. Maintained by Rice Lake team of engineers, well appreciated by the customer.

India's largest private sector enterprise, with businesses in the energy and materials value chain. Group's annual revenues are in excess of US$ 66 billion. The flagship company, a Fortune Global 500 company and is the largest private sector company in India.

Dahej Manufacturing Division 8 numbers weigh bridges for Hazardous area Zone 22, with fully automated with RFID card readers in Flame Proof Boxes with positioning, Signalling, Remote weight and message display for prompting the truck drivers, Auto loading of targeted quantity into tankers with earthing relay interlocks.

Existing plant expansion 4 nos. 18M x 4M 60T capacity for DTA area with unmanned operation using state of Art Rice Lake 920i controllers.

Existing plant expansion 4 nos. 18M x 4M 60T capacity for SEZ area with unmanned operation

Dahej Manufacturing Division 4 nos. 18M x 4M 60T capacity for UTILITY area.

Hazira Manufacturing Division 4 nos. 18M x 4M 60T capacity for UTILITY area.

Elastomers division 2 nos. 18M x 4M 60T capacity.